PHOTO CAPTION: A half dozen different types of electric cars charging at some of the 3500 stations across Norway.

Incentives Are Why Electric Car Sales Booming in Norway

Over five percent of new cars sold in Norway are electric compared to less than one percent in the United States.

Published: 07-Jan-2013

Even though batteries of electric vehicles doubled last year, compared to 2011, EVs still represent only 0.6% of light vehicles sold in the US while the outlook is altogether positive in Norway. For example more Nissan Leaf cars were bought in Norway compared to the US, even though the US population is more than 60 times that of Norway.

Also, there are more reservations of the Tesla Model S in Norway than anywhere else in Europe. And finally, the number of EVs sold in 2012 got past the 10,000 mark in Norway, taking EVs to 5.2% of all vehicle sales.

So, as the figures show, Norway must be doing something right. Why are the Norwegians not so anxious about the “range anxiety” is to largely to blame for negatively impacting sales of EVs in Europe and the US?


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