PHOTO CAPTION: Britain's E-Club makes a trio of Nissan LEAF's available in carshare programme in Milton Keynes.

Nissan UK Defends Confidence in Electric Cars

KPMG report contends costs and technology uncertainty reflected in shifting carmaker strategies are proving too high a risk for 'cash-strapped' buyers.

Published: 19-Jan-2013

NISSAN has hit back at claims electric vehicles have failed to spark the public imagination.

Financial services specialist KPMG says concerns around the cost of running and maintaining the vehicles are proving too high a risk for cash-strapped buyers.

The firm’s International Global Automotive Executive Survey, which surveyed 200 auto executives from 31 countries, found the cost of batteries and recharging was a major barrier to those considering electric vehicles.


Nissan LEAF retails for just over $35,000 before federal and state tax credits.

'Gort Cloud' author Richard Seireeni shares his experiences with his family's Nissan LEAF.

First Nissan LEAF delivered to private citizen in USA.

Olivier Chalouhi of Mountain View, California has put 15,000 trouble-free miles on his Nissan LEAF electric car and now enjoys HOV lane access.

Nissan NV200 Taxi

Nissan and New York City painstakingly refine details of replacement for the city's ubiquitous yellow cab, which may, someday, be offered as an electric version.


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