PHOTO CAPTION: Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

Virginia Governor Proposes EV Fees

Governor McDonnell is proposing $100 per year fee on electric-drive vehicles, plus a $15 new car registration fee that ICE-age car owners don't have to pay.

Published: 25-Jan-2013

Electric cars: some people love them and others hate them, but it's generally agreed upon that they pollute the air less than Hummers. But a proposal from Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell could have less people buying electric cars.

McDonnell said that Virginia's gas tax — which hasn't been changed or adjusted for inflation since 1986 — is no longer making the state money, so he suggested removing it altogether. To cover the loss in revenue, the governor wants to raise the state sales tax by 0.8 percent and charge electric and plug-in hybrid car owners $100 per year, in addition to a $15 new car registration fee that internal combustion customers also won't have to pay.

Now color me silly, but doesn't that sort of spur gas guzzler use while discouraging electric and plug-in hybrid sales at a time when the federal government is trying to increase fuel economy standards?


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