PHOTO CAPTION: Mitsubishi MINICAB EV used in taxi service in Japan

Mitsubishi Recalls 14,700 i-MiEV, MINICAB EVs

The recalled vehicles may carry an improperly shaped or damaged electric pump, which sends air to the brake booster.

Published: 25-Jan-2013

Mitsubishi Motors Corp said it would recall about 14,700 electric vehicles (EV) globally due to a brake problem unique to the electric-motor powered cars in one of the biggest callbacks involving the new generation of eco-friendly cars.

Mitsubishi Motors said that in Japan it would recall nearly 3,400 i-MiEV electric vehicles, as well as more than 2,400 MINICAB-MiEV vehicles.

Overseas, mostly in Europe, it said it was recalling about 8,900 i-MiEV vehicles. Some of those are sold as PSA Peugeot Citroen's iOn and C-Zero, though Mitsubishi declined to say how many.


Mitsubishi i-MIEV electric cars.

Six electric 'i' cars have been delivered to the Illinois town.

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Mitsubishi electric motor incorporates inverter.

The EV motor system is the smallest of its kind, measuring just half the dimensions of Mitsubishi Electric’s existing motor system.


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