PHOTO CAPTION: Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell fuel cell sedan production will now be delayed until 2017.

Mercedes Delays F-Cell Production to 2017

Speculation is that delay decision based on lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure, though system costs are likely an equally important justification.

Published: 28-Jan-2013

Motor Authority is reporting that Mercedes-Benz has officially delayed its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for at least another four years while it seeks a partner automaker.

The Mercedes hydrogen car is called the F-Cell and is based upon its B-Class car. If you’re not familiar, that’s surely because we don’t get the B-Class Stateside.

Last time we heard about F-Cell, Mercedes aimed to send the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to production in 2014. Apparently the German automaker woke up and smelled the roses, realizing there simply wasn’t a strong enough hydrogen fueling infrastructure to hit the 2014 mark. Buying some time, Mercedes set 2017 as an ideal future production date.


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From Whole Foods to Ebay, companies are installing hydrogen fuel cells as back-up power and to provide up to 90 percent of power usage, as well as heating and cooling.

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The basic range-extended model will have a 2.5 kW air-cooled, high-temperature PEM fuel cel and biomethanol fuel tank.

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Hydrogen fuel cells may be refilled in less time than it takes to recharge a battery-powered electric vehicle.


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