PHOTO CAPTION: First allotment of BYD e6 electric cars deployed by city public security bureau.

Shenzhen Police Order BYD e6 Electric Cars

Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau has begun taking delivery of 500 e6 all-electric cars manufactured locally by BYD, the Chinese firm in which Berkshire Hathaway owns shares.

Published: 30-Jan-2013

Shenzhen, China – Recently , BYD has won the tender for Shenzhen electric police vehicles and will deliver 500 e6 pure electric police vehicles to Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau , signifying that the promotion of BYD new energy vehicles has reached a new height.

BYD e6 can reach a maximum speed of 140km/hr. The overall range can reach 300km, satisfying the demands of police vehicles to perform daily patrol and law enforcement. BYD e6 is zero-pollution, zero-emission and low cost. Not only does the e6 save energy, it also effectively reduces CO2 emissions and pollution in the city, improving the city environment.

Apart from police vehicles, BYD has already deployed 300 e6 pure electric taxis in service in Shenzhen, with an accumulated mileage of over 30 million kilometres (or 18.6 million miles). The highest single e6 vehicle mileage has reached over 250,000km (or 155,000 miles), equivalent to the mileage of an ordinary private automobile driven over more than ten years. In Shenzhen, there are also 200 BYD pure electric buses in service with accumulated mileage of over 10 million kilometers (or 6.2 million miles).

It is reported that Shenzhen city is planning to add 500 additional BYD e6 pure electric taxi and over 500 BYD pure electric buses to the public transport system.

In the European market, BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu and greentomatocars, London’s second largest quality minicab service, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in October 2012 to create London’s first all-electric minicab fleet. It is expected that the 50 BYD e6 taxi will be in service in London starting the second quarter of 2013.

BYD new energy vehicles have been rolled out and significantly been adopted in the public transport, private automobile and civil service vehicle markets. To ease adaption of the new technology in the public transport sector, BYD has launched the ‘Zero Down Payment, Zero Costs, Zero Emissions’ Solution to the taxi and bus markets, solving the financial pressure on taxi and public transport companies procuring electric vehicles in one go and realising ‘zero risk’ for users. In the private automobile sector, BYD launched the private automobile version e6 and the dual-mode F3DM electric car, leading the way in sales to individuals in China. This year BYD will be launching a new dual mode electric car with the revolutionary second generation dual mode technology – code named “Qin”, further accelerating its prevalence in the private automobile market. In the civil service sector , apart from the e6 pure electric police cars, the BYD e6 has been selected for the demonstration project of new energy electric government cars by the Chinese central government organs. 12 e6s have served various ministries and commissions of the China central government.

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