PHOTO CAPTION: Ford workers assembled some 1,600 Focus EV all-electric cars in 2012.

Ford Focus EV Sales Sluggish in 2012

Nearly $40K price tag (before federal tax credit) may be one reason Ford sold only 685 units of the 1,600 it built last year, reasons John Rosevear.

Published: 30-Jan-2013

Want a sweet deal on an electric car?

No, I'm not talking about Tesla Motors' (NASDAQ: TSLA ) hot Model S, the one electric car – heck, the one car – I get asked about more than anything else. Tesla's got plenty of orders coming in for its sleek electric ride, and I don't expect the Silicon Valley automaker to be offering discounts anytime soon.

But if you're OK with something a little humbler, the deals are getting a lot better, starting with the latest one from Ford (NYSE: F ) .


Ford Focus Electric lists for $39,995.

EPA rates the Focus Electric at 99 mpg equivalent in highway driving and 110 mpg equivalent in city driving.

2012 Ford Fusion will have $295 automatic stop-start feature to save fuel.

Fusion's Auto Start-Stop option will help drivers save as much as $1,100 over five years at today's fuel prices, Ford announces.

Men's Health Ford Focus EV

Men's Health team plan to drive from New York City to Santa Monica in 10 days in Ford Focus EV.


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