PHOTO CAPTION: Line up of Better Place electric cars, which has deployed networks in Israel and Denmark.

Better Place Plans for Australia Now in Doubt

Better Place has laid off employees in Israel and Denmark, losing nearly $500 million since it launched in 2008.

Published: 30-Jan-2013

Canberra's promised electric car network faces an uncertain future after the Israel-based company behind the scheme announced it was moving its focus from Australia.

Better Place has also parted ways with its high-profile global chief executive, Australian Evan Thornley, and has lost nearly $500 million since it launched in 2008.

There are fears for the company's Australian workers after recent lay-offs at Better Place operations in Denmark and Israel.


Shai Agassi cuts ribbon at official launch of Better Place in Israel.

Jim Motavalli updates status of Better Places' electric car network in Israel.

Renault Fluence used by Better Place in its unique electric car network.

Maurice Picow spots his first Better Place Renault Fluence in Israel, but maintains a 'wait and see' attitude on its financial viability.

Better Place Battery Switch Station robotically exchanged depleted battery with recharged one in minutes.

The stations located in Israel and Denmark have now completed 15,000 battery exchanges.


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