PHOTO CAPTION: Air Resources Board Chairman Mary Nichols

California Holds Firm on Zero Emission Vehicle Sales Rules

State's zero emission vehicle mandate requires carmakers to sell just 7,500 zero-emission vehicles between 2012 and 2014, increasing to one-in-seven new vehicles sold by 2025.

Published: 07-Feb-2013

Washington — The head of the California Air Resources Board said the state has no plans to reduce its zero-emission vehicle requirements in the face of lower than expected electric vehicle sales.

In an interview on the sidelines of an automotive conference here, board chair Mary Nichols said California — which is prodding many automakers into building electric vehicles — is not backing down.

"The mandate is actually rather lower in comparison to our hopes for EVs," Nichols said. "Yes, it's taken off a little slower than we hoped it would … It's just going to take a little longer. We see enough good signs not to feel like we have to change course."


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Under California rules adopted by nine states, including New York and New Jersey, carmaker 15 percent of vehicle sales by 2025 will have to be electric, plug-in and hydrogen-powered.


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