PHOTO CAPTION: Electric buses used during Beijing Olympics

China Consortium to Develop E-Bus Network in Poland

Consortium led by the Beijing Institute of Technology will utilize six electric bues with battery swapping system in two-year trial in Poland.

Published: 07-Feb-2013

A Chinese electric vehicle consortium led by the Beijing Institute of Technology has signed agreements to help develop an electric bus network in Poland.

According to the agreements signed with Warsaw University of Technology and Tauron Polska Energia SA - the largest Polish electric power company - the Chinese side and Tauron will establish an electric vehicle public transportation system in Poland in the first phase.

Six electric buses with a platform developed by Beijing Institute of Technology, including a power battery swapping system, a battery charging and discharging station, and an emergency service system, will be made for the two-year trial project in Poland.



First pure electric city bus to be deployed in Espoo city, outside of Helsinki.

BYD e6 electric crossover is already available for rental from Hertz in Shenzhen, China, BYD's home city.

The New York Times reports that the BYD e6 could enter Hertz’s NYC fleet by the end of this year.

BYD Qin electric hybrid concept.

Qin concept will run 50 km on 10kWh, an improvement over the earlier F3DM, and is named in honor of China's first dynasty.


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