Training Dealers to Sell More Electric Cars

Ford is working to increase electric vehicle sales through training and certification of dealers.

Published: 07-Feb-2013

You may have noticed that dealerships and electric vehicles have an uneasy relationship. Dealerships are traditionally anchored in a tried and true business model that forces their clientele to come back for frequent internal combustion engine maintenance. These dealerships view the electric vehicle phenomena as a hindrance to its financial bottom line. Certain carmaker are challenging dealerships with training designed to ease the introduction of electric vehicles through certifications and increase sales.

Ford Dealership Training. Ford has a very active dealership training programed aimed at enabling them to handle electric vehicle (EV), hybrids and plug-hybrids (PHEV). The results have been impressive judging Ford's impressive growth market share with hybrid vehicles last year. So far Ford has seen a rise from a modest less than 3 percent in April 2012 to nearly 16 percent by December. The huge boost shows the company is doing something right. So what can it do to grow its hybrid market share? Here is a little more from the carmaker explaining how it will continue to grow.

Ford Hybrids. Ford has made a lot of effort to offer more hybrids. With more electric vehicle coming into the market, that also means dealerships need to be trained, educated and most of all, certified to handle electric vehicle components. Ford is now certifying more than 900 dealers to sell plug-in electrified vehicles by spring.


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