PHOTO CAPTION: Moveo folds into 55 lbs totable electric scooter.

MOVEO Debuts Folding Electric Scooter Prototype

After five years of development in Hungary, Moveo working prototype weighs 25 kilograms (55 lbs), has a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), and a battery range of 35 kilometers (21.75 miles) per charge.

Published: 08-Feb-2013

When you hear the term “folding electric scooter,” you likely think of a stand-up scooter along the lines of the Zümaround or the MyWay Compact. At best, you might picture something with a bicycle-style saddle and seatpost, such as the Voltitude. MOVEO, however, features a full traditional seat that’s mounted directly on the chassis. Although the scooter isn’t in production yet, it hopefully will be by next year.

The vehicle was created by the Antro Group, a Hungarian non-profit organization dedicated to developing environmentally-friendly forms of transportation. Antro previously brought us the eye-catching SOLO human-electric hybrid car.

Work began on the MOVEO project in 2008. Five years later, a functioning prototype is on the road, and the group is seeking business partners to help fund commercial development of the scooter.


Police testing Diggler stand-up scooter.

While stand up scooters were cost effective, officers fleet more vulnerable than riding a bicycle or even walking.

Mobility scooters becoming popular as local runabouts in Britain, reports The Sun newspaper. Photo credit: Geoff Robinson

Most mobility scooters are limited to 4-8 mph, but at least one has been tuned up to be able to do 70 mph.

BMW Mini Scooter E concept revealed at Paris Auto Show in 2010.

Survey of mayoral candidate for city of London, England 'see motorcycling and electric motorcycling as part of a green future for solving the capital’s transport problems.'


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