PHOTO CAPTION: Renault Fluence ZE electric car used by both Better Place and now Eldan Car Rental in Israel.

Israel Rental Firm to Offer Renault Electric Car

Eldan Car Rental Company will rent, for a 25% higher rate, the Renault Fluence ZE, the same car used by Better Place.

Published: 17-Feb-2013

Israel’s Eldan Car Rental Company is going to be the nation’s first to offer clients an electric car option, the Renault Fluence ZE. The rate for a week rental will be 250 NIS daily, as opposed to 300 NIS per day. Yediot Achronot points out this will make Eldan the first car rental company in the world offering an electric vehicle.

The price is about 25% higher than a comparable car with a gasoline engine, but then again, no need to gas up. In addition, one returning the rental will not be responsible for having a fully charged battery, another plus. There will however be an additional charge of 2 NIS per kilometer for every kilometer of 100km (60 miles) driven daily.

Eldan adds that there will also be long-term rental and leasing options for persons interested in electric vehicles with different payment options regarding the rental company and Better Place, which operates the environmentally friendly car servicing system.


Both Hertz and Enterprise offer rentals of the Tesla Model S.

Unfamiliarity with electric car technology and fear of running out charge is blamed on lower than expected demand for EVs by rental car customers, Hertz reports.


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