PHOTO CAPTION: RelayRide CEO Andre Haddad with his Chevrolet Volt that you can rent for $12/hour.

RelayRide: Helping Cut Traffic Congestion

Renting out your car to others through programs like RelayRide said to remove 14 other vehicles off the road, says CEO Andre Haddad in this Treehugger interview.

Published: 26-Feb-2013

Conventional wisdom says leaving your car in your garage or office parking lot all day saves fuel, lessens pollution and helps the environment. Andre Haddad, disagrees. The CEO of RelayRides, a peer-to-peer car sharing service that lets you become a one-person mini Hertz, says by leaving your car sitting idle all those hours—instead of renting it out to people who need it—you are actually hurting the environment. How can that be possible? I sat down with Haddad to find out (my questions are in bold).

What was the initial inspiration for RelayRides? Did you set out to make a "green" company, or was there another motivation?

Creating a sustainable company was a factor, but initially it wasn't the main factor.



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