PHOTO CAPTION: Rimspeed microMAX electric shuttle

Rinspeed Develops Electric MicroMAX 'urbanSWARM' Shuttle Concept

Twelve feet-long microMAX is powered by 28kW drive system and has range up to 100 km.

Published: 26-Feb-2013

German company rinspeed and infotainment systems manufacturer harman have released information on its upcoming 'microMAX' EV - which will make its official debut at the 2013 geneva auto show. The introduction of an 'urbanSWARM' community concept integrates 'connected car' features, which will be based on the harman cloud platform. For instance, the system will allow easy access to navigation functions in real time. using the information from all vehicles connected to the swarm, the system can modify the routes dynamically to account for current traffic. measuring just over 12 feet in length, the 'microMAX' is designed to work on an electric motor platform which boasts a peak output of 28 kW, with technology that provides up-to 100km of driving range.

To amplify the driving experience, the 'swarm' vehicle incorporates a special app; giving all road users who are looking for transportation options and are part of the selected community access to the concept. Being connected to the cloud, the interactive system displays information about routes, destinations, traveling speeds and occupancy of all vehicles - creating an efficient, flexible and convenient transport system with maximum capacity - without wait times, without prior planning and without detours. Cyclists can even have their bikes taken for a ride over longer distances. Thanks to its innovative standing seats, the configuration allows rapid transfer between vehicles, offering maximum transport capacity in minimal space.

Conceived with an-open space mentality, the spacious interior provides an airy and light feeling. a clearly arranged video imaging instrument panel dominates the area in front of the driver - with its 19 inch central control unit featuring a multi-dimensional human machine interface that offers expanded display functions. in addition to the equipped interior, the 'microMAX' also has a coffee maker and a refrigerator for 'happy-hour drinks'.



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