Ford, Plugshare Team Up on EV Charge Station Locator App

Ford's Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure unit have now identified more than 11,500 charging stations in the U.S. today.

Published: 26-Feb-2013

Plugshare is one of the best mobile apps to use if you looking for a place to plug in your electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid. With Ford entering into the EV and hybrid market and pushing strongly to incorporate new mobile technology into their vehicles through their MyFord Mobile App brand, it is not surprising that Ford and Plugshare have now teamed up.

One of the major consumer concerns with EVs is worrying about where they can plug in and charge their EV when away from home. Since EVs are just starting to break into the mainstream there are indeed charging stations located in many metropolitan areas – however most are not clearly advertised. Plugshare solves this problem by incorporating publicly available information along with crowd sourced data about available public EV charging stations. The crowd source data allows Plugshare users to post pictures and even reviews of the charging stations and their locations

MyFord Mobile is found in the majority of Fords new vehicles and is basically a GPS. Users of MyFord Mobile can request information from MyFord Mobile like nearby restaurants or movie theaters. With the partnership with Plugshare MyFord Mobile will not only show that an Italian restaurant is four miles away and located on Main Street, it will also show the user if nearby charging stations are in the vicinity of the destination.


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