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Croatian Company Launches Electric-Assist Bike Line

Bioplanet electric bicycle uses integrated bottom bracket electric motor to provide rider assistance.

Published: 06-Mar-2013

Today, Bioplanet introduced the Bike which combines several products into one – unique designed bicycle, an e-bike with integrated bottom bracket electric motor and electric bicycle with power assistance – into one distinctive, lightweight electric bicycle. The Bike has new bicycle frame design with integrated electric components which completely redefines what riders can do with their Bikes.

“Bioplanet Bike is a revolutionary, trendsetting product that introduces a new era in the bicycle and light electric powered vehicles design. Bioplanet Bike is the most versatile two-wheeled vehicle on the global market,“ said Sandra Mikulic, Bioplanet's CEO.

The Bike - unique design bicycle

The Bike has a unique design with a step-through full suspended frame and high quality bicycle components. Balanced design allows the rider to experience the same feeling as on any other bicycle. Built-in components like 9-speed grip shifter, front and rear 180mm hydraulic brakes, aluminum alloy wheels and performance tires, provide a recognizable bicycle feeling. Unique frame design makes the Bike suitable for almost all ages and genders.

The Bike - e-bike with integrated bottom bracket electric motor

The Bike is an e-bike with integrated bottom bracket electric motor which means that a powerful and reliable brush less DC electric motor is integrated into the bicycle bottom bracket. Smart integration provides invisibility in daily use. No one will be able to tell the Bike is an e-bicycle. Just apply power by thumb throttle and stop pedaling.

The Bike - electric bicycle with power assistance

The Bike is an electric bicycle with power assistance whereas geared motor helps the rider when pedaling uphill. Sometimes the rider will need assistance on steep roads or off-road. Dual geared motor allows pedaling and motor power simultaneously. By simply touching the thumb throttle Bike will immediately deliver the needed power.

Pricing and Availability

The Bike is available world wide via the company’s online store or the sales and service store network and is delivered directly from the factory. It’s net price is 2399 EUR. Due to the production capabilities and great demand, product lead time can be up to 90 days. To learn more about Bioplanet Bike visit

Bioplanet Ltd. is a Europe based company with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia. Additional information available on

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