PHOTO CAPTION: General Motors Hy-Wire fuel cell concept car circa 2002 was powered by hydrogen fuel cell.

H2USA Program to Promote Hydrogen Cars

Proposed program would mark a reversal of US Energy Departments previous scaling back of hydrogen research during President Obama's first term, though it will lack the same level of resources as the FreedomCAR program under George W. Bush.

Published: 07-Mar-2013

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Department of Energy soon will launch a campaign to promote hydrogen cars, embracing a technology that was favored by the administration of President George W. Bush but initially shunned under Barack Obama.

The project is tentatively called H2USA, in reference to the chemical symbol for hydrogen gas. The DOE is signing up automakers, suppliers and other companies that want to see hydrogen fuel cell vehicles hit the marketplace.

"There still are a lot of challenges. Infrastructure is critical," said Sunita Satyapal, program manager for fuel cell technologies at the DOE. "But the fact that a number of entities are coming together to work together through this partnership is a very positive sign."


Fraunhofer ISE solar-powered hydrogen fueling station.

The main components of the filling station are a 30 bar pressure electrolyser, a mechanical compressor for hydrogen compression to 700 bar.

Hydrogen refueling of Honda FCX prototype fuel cell car.

Hydrogen fuel can be produced at lower costs and at higher rates than ever before using this new CC-HOD catalyst.

Early engineering illustration of Ballard Fuel Cell-powered mining locomotive

Anglo American Platinum will test five of the hydrogen-fueled locomotives in its Amplats mines in South Africa.


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