PHOTO CAPTION: ë-Mobile concept car debuted at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Update on Russian ë-AUTO Hybrid

The Russian media outlet RT reports that progress is being made in the development of ë-AUTO, also referred to a Yo-Mobile, but key decisions on models, availability and pricing still remain.

Published: 10-Mar-2013

Andrey Biryukov, chairman of ë-AUTO has indicated that testing of the electrical transmission has been completed, and the company is now deciding which of the various models will be released first, according to a report in RT. The models under consideration are thought to include a coupe, hatchback and a mini-van.

The confusion as to the product and company name (sometimes reported as Yo-Auto, or similar) appears to be due to the Russian letter ë being pronounced "yo", and the "yo" spelling being used for the company's web address.

Prototypes of the ë-mobile, first unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, are distinctly futuristic in appearance, featuring doors that slide open, behind and through the vehicle, appearing folded flat on the vehicle roof like the resting wings of a beetle. Closed, the doors would seem the restrict sideways visibility, so it seems likely that these will change to some extent – assuming the car retains this overall form.


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