PHOTO CAPTION: 2013 Renault Zoe could be breakthrough electric car in Europe.

Carlos Ghosn Sticks to His Guns on Future of Electric Cars

Renault Nissan Alliance chief combines that rare quality of willing to try new things, while also remaining committed to long-range goal.

Published: 10-Mar-2013

Navigating the new world of electric vehicles takes leaps of faith and lots of planning. It also requires someone at the helm who's ready to try different things and also stick to his guns. In other words, it's not easy. But Renault and Nissan head Carlos Ghosn keeps on moving forward.

Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show this week, Ghosn said the EV automotive landscape is changing ("I think the breakthrough will come from China," he said), but his key EV strategy remains the same: be ready to sell plug-in vehicles when customers are ready to buy them. Together, Renault and Nissan have sold 70,000 electric cars already, so Ghosn has some experience in this arena.

It's not just a matter of buying a plug-in vehicle and loving it, Ghosn said. A robust local infrastructure combined with a suitable range are the big factors that play into how happy people are with their EVs, he said. Basically, if you have range (or charging everywhere), then you like your EV. If you worry all the time, you don't.


Nissan LEAF in use as taxi cab in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Arlington, Virginia-based Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company is proposing a fleet of 40, all-electric Nissan Leafs, which if approved would be first of its type in the nation.


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