PHOTO CAPTION: Tesla Model X production pushed back until 2014 or later.

Here's Why Delaying Tesla Model X Makes Sense

Jon Xavier's take on news that Tesla is delaying until at least 2014 production of its third model, the crossover Model X.

Published: 12-Mar-2013

Tesla is delaying its Model X crossover SUV, which was scheduled to come out late this year, until at least 2014, its most recent SEC filing shows.

Reached for comment by AutoblogGreen, the company had the following response:

"Tesla has been intensely focused on Model S, its production and product enhancements and believe there is increased volume potential for Model S," Tesla representative Shanna Hendriks said. "As a result, Tesla has decided to slightly push back the development and timing of Model X to 2014. We do not expect a material impact on our profitability in 2013 or 2014."


SolarCity and Tesla are collaborating on energy storage for solar-powered homes.

Tesla is using its battery expertise in collaboration with SolarCity to create energy storage units to provide electricity after the sun goes down.

Tesla will begin Model S deliveries in June 2012.

With reservations topping 10,000 orders, Tesla expects to deliver 5,000 Model S sedans by the end of 2012.

Tesla Model S will start at around $50K depending on battery pack capacity and other options.

Tesla new sedan achieved an EPA 2-cycle range of 320 miles and a 5-cycle range of 265.


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