PHOTO CAPTION: Polaris neighborhood electric vehicles purchased by U.S. Army for deployment on its bases to reduce dependence on petroleum.

Electric Vehicles: A Matter of National Security

CleanTechnica's Nicholas Brown examines the U.S. militaries forays into use of electric drive vehicles and the role EVs can play in national security efforts.

Published: 17-Mar-2013

While electric vehicles are probably most tied to “being green,” another key societal benefit is that they increase national security, and the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) recently released a report about that as well.

There are multiple reasons for this. The most commonly touted and obvious one is that the United States relies heavily on Middle Eastern countries for petroleum, which is necessary for the production of gasoline and diesel.


Bruce Sargent charges Nissan LEAF in Central Point, Oregon. Photo credit: AP

The stations go from the California border north to the Oregon city of Cottage Grove.

Daimler Freightliner M2 powered by EVI electric drive system using Valence batteries.

EVI-integrated electric powertrain offers range up to 90 miles on Daimler Freighliner M2 business class chassis.

Karabag's Fiat 500 EV

Over 800 locations – offices, service stations, and even some mobile service points – will be available to EV owners across Germany.


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