PHOTO CAPTION: Ford Fusion Energi electric hybrid.

Ford Sells 21,000+ Hybrids in Q1

Based on data, Ford hybrids attracting interest among Internet shoppers at a rate comparable to Toyota Camry Hybrid and Prius.

Published: 14-Apr-2013

Here's a bit of good news for Ford (NYSE: F ) : The Blue Oval's sales of hybrids were up 324% in the first quarter, thanks to strong sales of several new models.

Ford now has a 16% share of the U.S. market for "electrified vehicles" – electric cars and hybrids, it said on Wednesday.

And even better for Ford, many of the hybrids it's selling are loaded.


2012 Ford Focus Electric will pace the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at the Richmond 400.

Approximately 35 percent of new car intenders are motorsports fans and 78 percent of them support NASCAR, according to Ford research.

Ford Focus Electric paces NASCAR race in Virginia.

About 350 Focus Electric cars will be sent to 67 dealers in California, New Jersey and New York.

Ford C-Max Energi electric hybrid (plug-in).

Ford Motor Company is hosting 19 events around the country as part of its "Go Further" tour to generate 'buzz' for its electric and hybrid vehicles.


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