PHOTO CAPTION: Hertz in Milan offers short-term rental of Nissan LEAF electric cars.

Renting Hybrids, Electric Cars Becoming More Viable In USA

The rising price of fuel is helping not only drive the sales of hybrids,but also vacation rentals.

Published: 14-Apr-2013

While most of the country is mired in snow and sleet, our minds can't help but jump ahead to spring and summer, when Americans will hit the road to do some family travel. It can cost a family a small fortune to drive, however, especially as gas prices climb the closer we get to Memorial Day. And 2013 looks like it might even get worse.

In an analysis on state-by-state gas prices, USA Today wrote: "Gasoline prices typically climb from February to Memorial Day on expectations of rising consumption and costlier summer-blend gas. But so far this year, prices are surging sooner and faster than ever beforeā€”up 47 cents since mid-January." Couple that fact with the Social Security tax hike that hit at the start of the year, and consumers are starting to feel the pain in their wallets.

But spring still arrives the same time every year, and with it comes family car travel. Now, instead of an average $50-$70 family tank-full of gas, the total average might be closer to $60-$80. For a 500-mile round trip, that adds several hundred dollars to a family's travel budget. When that happens, people start to consider transportation alternatives. One of the increasingly popular means of alternative transportation is renting electric or hybrid cars.


4,900 customers bought the new Toyota Prius C in March, 2012.

Consumers bought a record 52,000 gas-electric hybrids and all-electric cars in March 2012.

Owner takes delivery of Nissan LEAF

Sales in electric-drive sector climbed to 49 percent during the first quarter to total 117,182 vehicles from 78,527 in the previous year.

European Ford Fiesta with ECOnetic start-stop technology

Johnson Controls-funded study focused 1,200 respondents from groups across U.S. major metropolitan areas.


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