U of Illinois Super Battery: There's Always Trade-Offs

University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana battery can offer high energy or high power, but not both, says James Pikul, author of study reported in Nature.

Published: 21-Apr-2013

We've heard it all before--new battery technologies appear, set to revolutionize the way we use electric products.

The story is the same for new microbatteries developed at the University of Illinois, but the researchers there are making even bigger claims than most.

Imagine a battery so small it could feature in a credit card-sized cellphone, charge in mere seconds, with enough power to jump-start a car. Now imagine it scaled up for use in an electric vehicle.


DBT CEV-developed Bat'Lib battery swapping station.

Bat'Lib station allows a user to exchange an empty battery for a full one in less than 10 seconds

PolyPlus prototype lithium-air battery.

PolyPlus is developing batteries that are lighter and pack more energy than the lithium-ion batteries that Johnson Controls now produces at its factory in Holland, Mich.

Brilliance Automotive electric car concept

BAK will provide the Chinese automaker with an initial five test packs for evaluation purposes.


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