PHOTO CAPTION: President Obama inspects Buckeye Bullet 2.

Ohio State Electric Streamliner Aims for World Speed Record

A collaboration of OSU's Center for Automotive Research and Monaco-based Venturi, the Buckeye Bullet 3 hopes to break the 400 mph barrier.

Published: 22-Apr-2013

Ohio State University’s is aiming for 400mph from a student-designed and built electric car.

Called Buckeye Bullet 3, it joins a line of record-breaking cars from the University's (OSU's) Center for Automotive Research (CAR).

“The third generation electric land speed record vehicle to be designed and built by OSU students, the Buckeye Bullet 3, will be an entirely new car designed and built from the ground up,” said Professor Giorgio Rizzoni, director of CAR. “Driven by two custom-made electric motors designed and developed by Venturi, and powered by prismatic A123 batteries, the goal of the new vehicle will be to surpass all previous electric vehicle records.”


Xavier Chevin drove  more than 8,300 miles in 2010 from Shanghai, China to Paris, France in an all-electric vehicle.

Xavier Chevrin, who drove from Shanghai to Paris in a Venturi-powered Citroen Berlingo, set off to drive from Kenya to South Africa in similar all-electric vehicle.

Venturi CEO Gildo Pastor at wheel of limited production America electric 'buggy.'

The Venturi America has a lightweight carbon composite chassis that's motivated by an advanced 53 kWh lithium-ion battery pack for an impressive range of 186 miles.

Venturi's twin solar-powered cars: Astrolab (foreground), Eclectic (background).

While sunlight isn't intense enough - thankfully - to directly power a car, here are three applications of solar power on motor vehicles.


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