PHOTO CAPTION: Electric-assist bicycles buoy Europe's bicycle market.

Bicycles Outselling Cars Nearly 2-to-1 in Europe

Cars sales continue to their fall in Europe, while bicycles - and electric-assist models - continue to outpace by a factor of nearly two-to-one.

Published: 22-Apr-2013

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association released their latest sales numbers. For the first quarter of 2013, reports the European Cyclist's Federation, car sales were down 9.8% compared to the same period in 2012. In fact, the 12 million units sold in 2012 represents the industry's slowest year since 1995. Worse yet, sales are expected this year to be down another 5-8%.

In contrast, points out Fabian Küster, the ECF's senior policy officer, bicycle sales rose from 18.9 million in 2000 to around 20 million in 2011: that's nearly two bikes for every car sold.

Küster notes that all these bikes are not just for "decoration."


Micah Toll with PEVO electric bicycles.

23 year old plans to manufacture his PEVO electric bicycles in Israel.

Problematic electric-assist moped isn't a bicycle nor a full motor scooter, but its a popular, affordable two-wheeler.

Vanier residents who ride scooter-type electric-assist two-wheelers find that while they can use them on city-owned bike lanes, they are banned form the National Capital Commission multi-use pathways.

Smart electric bicycle.

Darius Sanai takes smart's new electric-assist bicycle for a spin around London, England


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