PHOTO CAPTION: Specialized Turbo electric-assist bicycle weighs 50 pounds (22.6 kg).

CNET Takes Specialized's New Turbo E-Bike for Test Ride

Antuan Goodwin takes nearly $6,000 electric bike for 11-plus mile test ride at average of 14 mph and says he didn't even break into a sweat.

Published: 26-Apr-2013

The last time I'd found myself astride an electric bike was over four years ago, when CNET reviewed the Schwinn Tailwind in March of 2009. That bike was jerky and awkward, very heavy, and a bit of an eyesore.

Fast-forward just under half a decade to April 2013, when I find myself standing in front of the sleek, red frame of the new Specialized Turbo. Electric bike, you've come a long way, baby.

The Specialized Turbo is a good-looking bike. Period. And I don't just mean "good for an electric bike."


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