PHOTO CAPTION: 2013 Ford Fusion Energi electric hybrid is rated by the US EPA at 108 MPGe.

Ford Fusion Energi E-Hybrid Earns High Marks

Other than the complaining about the battery pack reducing trunk space, the Energi electric hybrid plug-in is rated a 'whisper-quiet vehicle, features good looks, and creature comforts."

Published: 03-May-2013

So, you think plug-in hybrids are a flaky enviro-weenie fad, destined to fade like mood rings, high-heeled sneakers and ant farms?

Ford begs to differ.

The U.S.-based automaker is projecting to sell more than 19,000 hybrid/electric vehicles in the fourth quarter of this year, bettering its own previous record by some 50 per cent.


Ford Focus Electric paces NASCAR race in Virginia.

About 350 Focus Electric cars will be sent to 67 dealers in California, New Jersey and New York.

Ford C-Max Energi electric hybrid (plug-in).

Ford Motor Company is hosting 19 events around the country as part of its "Go Further" tour to generate 'buzz' for its electric and hybrid vehicles.

2013 Ford Focus Electric

Ford’s decision to base its Focus Electric so closely on the standard gas model should help it undercut the low-volume, unique Leaf.


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