PHOTO CAPTION: Mitsubishi Outlander production will increase to 4,000 units a month starting in September 2013.

Mitsubishi to Double Outlander Electric Hybrid Production

With its battery problem identified and reportedly solved, production of the plug in hybrid SUV will now ramp up to 4,000 units a month.

Published: 14-May-2013

After fixing the battery issues, Mitsubishi is all set to double the production of Outlander Plug-in hybrid. Early last month there have been a couple of separate fire incidents that cast a shadow over Mitsubishi’s two electric vehicles, the i-MiEV minicar and the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid.

The Japanese automaker who solved the issue before in a short span of time plans to increase production of Outlander Plug-In hybrid to 4,000 units per month, double that of early estimates. The production of plug-in Outlander was stopped last month after a dealer reported a fire incident in Yokohama, Japan.

Though nobody was hurt in the incident, the company immediately stalled production and issued a recall to deal with the issues. The cause for the fire incident was the result of a new screening process on the battery manufacturer’s production line. The process introduced a defect to the battery’s internal structure, which allowed microscopic contaminents to affect the battery’s performance.


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