Geely Shows Off EC7 Electric Sedan in Shanghai

The EC7 EV is equipped with dual battery packs with two operating ranges of 165 and 250 km respectively.

Published: 24-May-2013

While much of the attention being given Chinese automaker Geely during the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show as rightly focused on the elegant KC Concept, the company also debuted an all-electric version of the EC7.

The Emgrand EC7 EV is said to boost the latest in electric drive technology supplied by Detroit Electric. The five-passenger saloon car is equipped with two sets of batteries: one offering mid-range of up to 165 km (102 mi.) and the second for long range up to 250 km (155 mi). Presumably the batteries use differing chemistries with the short range pack being more power dense for stop-and-go driving, while the second pack may be more energy dense; working essentially like a range extender. Geely engineers also integrated a two-speed torque transmission said to deliver "superior efficiency and performance."

To date, the company has invested some 2 billion Yuan (US$326 million) in green vehicle technologies.


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Geely vice-president Sun Xiaodong predicts that the company will sell 30,000 electric cars by 2016.

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