PHOTO CAPTION: Cella Energy's tissue-like hydrogen storage medium can also be fabricated into pump-able pellets.

Cella Energy Creates Hydrogen Fuel Pellets

Firm creates twin materials to store hydrogen: one similar to tissue, as pictured above, and the second as pellets that can pumped into standard fuel tanks.

Published: 28-May-2013

LONDON — Cella Energy, an Oxford, England-based energy technology company figures it has the solution for car manufacturers trying to win support for hydrogen power.

In less than five years, your new car could be powered by a high-pressure tank of hydrogen rather than petrol.

This is what the big car makers are driving at as they seek to produce vehicles with low or no carbon emissions, but face a number of obstacles in making it a reality.


Toyota FCV-R fuel cell sedan could be prototype for future 2015 model.

Heather Zichal, President Obama’s top aide on energy and climate change, called hydrogen cells 'an opportunity' for improving fuel economy.

Mercedes B-Class F-Cell at hydrogen filling station.

Evelyn Kanter reports on Germany's plans to build a network of filling stations for fuel cell vehicles.

Viking Lady was first merchant ship to be equipped with a fuel cell.

Norwegian supply ship will add battery pack to its fuel cell system in hopes of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20-30 percent.


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