PHOTO CAPTION: License plate on Tesla Model S.

Electric Cars Two Years On: Success or Failure?

John Voelcker picks up the threads of an online discuss about whether or not the rollout of electric-drive vehicles has been a success or not.

Published: 09-Jun-2013

You see it all over: the meme that "electric cars are a sales failure."

Yet California is experiencing shortages of electric cars, with many dealers saying they've entirely sold out of plug-in electric cars.

Some Nissan dealers in Portland, Oregon, even say the Leaf electric car is now their best-selling passenger car.


Zero motocross bikes will be rented to novices and advanced riders.

Hollywood EMX, as the motorcross park will be called, will offer a full range of Zero Motorcycles for rental to everyone from novices to professionals.

Gordon Murray Design T27 electric city car

The T.27, which features a powertrain by British-based Zytek Automotive.

Romanian-designed Dacia Electric Car Concept

Frost & Sullivan projects electric vehicle sales to grow from the 245 units shipped in 2012 to more than 60,000 by 2017


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