Pennsylvania Bill Would Exempt E-Bikes From Insurance, Registration

Senate Bill 997 would treat electric bicycles the same as regular bicycles

Published: 14-Jun-2013

State Sen. Matt Smith announced legislation today that would clarify the rules for pedal-assist electric bicycles in the state vehicle code.

Senate Bill 997 would treat electric bicycles the same as regular bicycles, meaning riders are not required to have insurance or register the two-wheeler.

The need for an explanation arose when police officers began citing individuals driving pedal-assist electric bicycles, believing that riders should adhere to motor scooter rules that require insurance and registration, said Mr. Smith, D-Mt. Lebanon.


Smart electric bicycle.

Darius Sanai takes smart's new electric-assist bicycle for a spin around London, England

Ridekick is an electrified trailer that pushes a conventional bike.

Recent research suggests that cyclist currently arrive at their locations 20% faster than car users within the busiest cities.

Evelo electric-assist bicycle is one of many brands being sold in the USA.

E-bike sales are soaring, even in the United States where some 105,000 will be sold in 2012, estimates Pike Research.


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