PHOTO CAPTION: Target market for Honda Kushi is 50-plus age group.

Honda Brings Kushi E-Bike to UK Market

Single-speed electric bike is powered by lead-acid battery and sells for £695, less than half the price of many e-bikes on the market.

Published: 18-Jun-2013

Bike and Batterys, Peterborough e-bike specialist, is bringing Honda’s Kushi electric bike to market at a price it says is 'ultra competitive'.

The simple singlespeed lead acid battery-powered, twist-and-go electric bike is aimed at the 50-plus e-bike
buyer, and comes with a significant two year warranty.

Bike and Batterys, sole importer of the Kushi, said: “With many of the new electric bikes being offered in the market ranging in price from £1,200 to £2,400, and replacement batteries anything from £400 and up, we’ve introduced the Honda Kushi electric bike to the UK market at an ultra-low retail price of £695, and replacement batteries for less than £150.”


Hond Fit EV's MSRP is double the price of gasoline model.

How do you compare the 'return on investment' of a car that can only be leased?

Honda Fit EV will lease for $389/month.

2013 Honda Fit will initially leased in California and Oregon communities for 3 years in $389 a month.

Second generation Honda Insight Hybrid is priced less than the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid.

Globe and Mail review of second generation Honda Insight Hybrid and notes its "excellent fuel economy is universally praised."


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