PHOTO CAPTION: PC-Aero Elektra E6 electric twin-engine concept.

PC-Aero Unveils Elektra Twin Aircraft

Six-place, solar-assisted transport aircraft could see certification in 10 years.

Published: 18-Jun-2013

The countdown has been started for opening the gates again for the worldwide leading aviation and space event in Le Bourget, Paris from June 17th - 23rd, 2013.

EADCO & PC-Aero will present at the Paris Air Show in Hall H4 booth F-7 their new future aircraft and innovative project: Elektro E6.

The Elektro E6 is the technology platform for a future, all electric, transport aircraft. Low CO2 emission, noise and vibration: Full Carbon Composite structure, Two Electric Engines, high wing propeller, Solar Cells Technology, 6 seats, 480 kg payload & 500 km range (in 6 years).

Goals: Build a Proof of Concept in 3 years& Certification CS23 in 10 years.

The Elektro E6 will include in the final certified version, all systems of a normal commercial aircraft including retractable landing gear, anti-ice system, cabin pressure and air conditioning.

ELEKTRO E6 Project …reaching for the future!

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Grandson of Charles Lindbergh, Eric is board member of the X Prize Foundation.

The next big $10 million X Prize will be for a four-place, all-electric aircraft across the Atlantic.


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