PHOTO CAPTION: Test strips convey electric power through contactor mounted on test truck.

Volvo, Alstom Build Electric Vehicle Roadbed

Quarter-mile track has two power line embedded for transmitting power to electric vehicles.

Published: 19-Jun-2013

One of the biggest complaints around electric cars these days is that their batteries just aren't good enough for going on long trips.

People have suggested solutions like bringing an extra battery on board, or even attaching a trailer with a motor that pushes the car from behind.

But the Volvo Group and Swedish power company Alstom have another solution in mind. They teamed up to create a road that charges vehicles as they drive over it.


Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

The hybrid car is only available with all the options and the highest trim level and it costs €61,150 (£49,300/$)

Volvo produced 1,000 V60 Plug-in Hybrids.

Volvo V60 fuel consumption is just 1.8 l/100 km (48 g CO2 /km) in Hybrid mode, and in EV-mode the driver can cover up to 50 kilometres on electric power

Volvo C30 electric has range up to 93 miles. New charger would allow it to fully recharge in 90 minutes.

Volvo C30 Electric could be recharged in 90 minutes using 440-volt, three-phase charger that uses a 32-amp power supply.


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