PHOTO CAPTION: E-Fan electric airplane is successor to Cri-Cri.

E-Fan Electric Airplane Readies for Aerobatics

Pair of 250 volt, 40 amp-hour multi-cell lithium ion battery packs in each wing root give the plane a maximum aerobatic endurance of 30 minutes.

Published: 20-Jun-2013

LE BOURGET, France — The Airbus A380 is among the biggest stars here at the Paris Air Show, but no less impressive is the sleek electric aerobatic trainer that is its distant cousin.

The E-Fan is the brainchild of Didier Esteyne, an engineer and pilot with a knack for electric aircraft. Two years ago he unveiled an electric version of the diminutive Cri-Cri, which made its debut here last year. Esteyne worked with EADS — corporate parent to Airbus — on the Cri-Cri, and the two decided to team up again on what became the E-Fan.


Germany Education Minister tries out EADS-developed E-Fan electric plane mockup during 2013 Paris Air Show.

European aviation giant EADS demonstrates E-Star hybrid airplane and shows off mockup of all-electric E-Fan two-seater.


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