PHOTO CAPTION: EADS DA36 E-Star2 is powered by hybrid-electric propulsion system.

EADS, Siemens to Collaborate on Electric Drive for Jetliners

Long-term research partnership to develop new electric propulsion systems to help airlines lower their fuel bills and improve environmental performance.

Published: 20-Jun-2013

EADS and Siemens are entering into a long- term research partnership to introduce new electric propulsion systems that could help airlines lower their fuel bills and drive environmental performance. Together with their partner, Austria-based Diamond Aircraft, the companies are showcasing a second generation serial hybrid electric airplane at Le Bourget.

EADS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Enders, Siemens CEO Peter Löscher and Diamond Aircraft owner Christian Dries signed a MoU at Le Bourget to set the course for their future cooperation on electric aircraft development.

"Today, aviation goes electric as we embark on the journey towards future electric propulsion. Electric aircraft are a key element in our research for the future of aviation," EADS CEO Tom Enders said. "Only over the decades to come we will learn where the journey will take us, what shape and form electric propulsion will take. But we know we have no time to lose in terms of testing alternatives to fossil fuel. One thing is clear though: aviation will need to continue to fly with ever less fuel, less emissions and less noise. Working together on future propulsion systems is the best our industry can contribute to greener skies."


EADS E-Fan electric flight trainer has started taxi tests.

European aerospace giant EADS takes the next step beyond the Cri-Cri electric mini-plane it debuted at the 2011 Paris Air Show.

EADS E-Thrust hybrid-electric jetliner would carry up to 120 passengers while generating only 25% of the CO2 of a conventional jetliner.

EADS E-Fan concept would combine single jet engine burning algae-produced biojet fuel and six superconducting electric fanjets on flights of up to two hours

EADS E-Thrust concept airliner would combine a single gas turbine and six electric fan motors.

First unveiled as a concept at 2013 Paris Airshow, the E-Airbus would have six electric fans powered by combination of battery and single gas turbine unit.


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