PHOTO CAPTION: Tesla showroom in Scottsdale's Fashion Square mall. Photo courtesy Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.

Arizona Joins List of States Attempting to Thwart Tesla Direct-to-Buyer Sales

Arizona citizens can sign up for once or twice-a-year test drives around Phoenix metro area, but no one can talk about prices or even take orders.

Published: 23-Jun-2013

Want one of those new Tesla all-electric cars that Consumer Reports has been raving about?

If you’re an Arizona resident, you’re going to have to jump through some extra hoops, all because of a state law designed to protect car dealers.

Yes, you can go take a look at the cars, which start at $70,000, at what the company calls its “gallery” at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. You can kick the tires, sit behind the wheel and ask questions.


Tesla has now begun deliveries of its Model S all-electric sedan.

While the Model S will be half the price of the Roadster, it is still more expensive than the Nissan LEAF which has sold only around 30,000 units.

Kandi electric car on display in China dealership.

In China there's a very cheap to own Kandi and in America there's the New Flyer all-electric transit bus in Chicago, observes Tom Konrad.

Tesla Model S comes with three battery pack options with two performance grades.

Dan Neill shares his impressions of Tesla Model S that sets a new standard for all-electric sedans in 'I am Silent, Hear Me Roar.'


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