PHOTO CAPTION: Minnesota State House where efforts continue to derail factory-owned dealerships like that proposed by Tesla for Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Tesla Sales Gaining Ground In Minnesota, But Fight Is Uphill

Minnesota car dealers argue that factory-owned stores undermines the rules on which they have relied when investing billions in their businesses, and gives a single company an unfair advantage.

Published: 23-Jun-2013

Kevin Chu works about half the time at his marketing agency's Minneapolis office, and the rest at the company's San Diego headquarters. His ride, however, is trapped out west.

Chu drives the Tesla S, the all-electric luxury sedan that recently garnered Consumer Reports' highest-ever car rating and has been hailed as a magical confluence of auto engineering, digital technology and eco-propulsion.

But while the Tesla S has a range far superior to that of the Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf and other mainstream electric cars navigating U.S. roadways, Chu would not make it anywhere near the Twin Cities before he ran out of juice and found himself with no quick, efficient way to recharge.


Tesla has now begun deliveries of its Model S all-electric sedan.

While the Model S will be half the price of the Roadster, it is still more expensive than the Nissan LEAF which has sold only around 30,000 units.

Kandi electric car on display in China dealership.

In China there's a very cheap to own Kandi and in America there's the New Flyer all-electric transit bus in Chicago, observes Tom Konrad.

Tesla Model S comes with three battery pack options with two performance grades.

Dan Neill shares his impressions of Tesla Model S that sets a new standard for all-electric sedans in 'I am Silent, Hear Me Roar.'


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