PHOTO CAPTION: EADS E-Thrust hybrid-electric jetliner would carry up to 120 passengers while generating only 25% of the CO2 of a conventional jetliner.

Concept: Future Airliner Powered By Hybrid Engines

EADS E-Fan concept would combine single jet engine burning algae-produced biojet fuel and six superconducting electric fanjets on flights of up to two hours

Published: 01-Jul-2013

Engineers are planning to build the first "hybrid" airliner propelled by a combination of wind, electricity and biofuel from algae.

Aerospace company EADS, maker of Airbus aircraft, and engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce are working to build a passenger aircraft that would produce 75% less carbon dioxide than a typical plane.

Using a similar principle to the hybrid engines used in some Toyotas, the designers are hoping to make planes less dependent on kerosene-based fuels.


EADS DA36 E-Star2 is powered by hybrid-electric propulsion system.

Long-term research partnership to develop new electric propulsion systems to help airlines lower their fuel bills and improve environmental performance.

EADS E-Fan electric flight trainer has started taxi tests.

European aerospace giant EADS takes the next step beyond the Cri-Cri electric mini-plane it debuted at the 2011 Paris Air Show.

EADS E-Thrust concept airliner would combine a single gas turbine and six electric fan motors.

First unveiled as a concept at 2013 Paris Airshow, the E-Airbus would have six electric fans powered by combination of battery and single gas turbine unit.


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