PHOTO CAPTION: Brammo is a leading electric motorcycle manufacturer located in Ashland, Oregon.

Brammo Research Lab Fire Causes $200K in Damage

Electric motorcycle manufacturer research lab suffered mostly water damage from sprinkler system when a group of batteries caught fire over the weekend.

Published: 05-Jul-2013

ASHLAND, Ore. — A weekend fire at Brammo Motorsports did more than $200,000 worth of damage. Brammo’s Director of Marketing, Adrian Stewart, said the fire had no impact on the company’s production nor distribution process.

The fire broke out in a research lab isolated from the rest of the building. It was suppressed by Brammo’s emergency sprinkler system.

irefighters said by the time they arrived they only had to fight light smoke. Stewart said most of the damage was water damage. The fire started when a group of batteries caught fire.


Brammo Impulse

Exhaust Notes interviews Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher about what partnership with Polaris will mean to his company.

Brammo Empulse can cover 120 miles at city speeds for about $1.25 worth of electricity.

Wes Siler takes the Empulse electric motorcycle for a spin at Brammo's expense.

Brammo Empulse R electric motorcycle

The Empulse R's 9 kilowatt-hours gives the Brammo a range of 75 miles or so of backroad riding at relatively moderate speeds, at 80 mph, range drops to 50 miles.


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