PHOTO CAPTION: Mercedes-Benz S-class plug-in hybrid (right front quarter view).

Mercedes-Benz Slated to Debut Production Version of S500 Electric Hybrid

If it mirrors the performance of the original Vision S500 concept, the production model should have an EV driving mode range of up to 30 km (18.6 mi.).

Published: 07-Jul-2013

Mercedes-Benz first hinted at the launch of an S Class with plug-in hybrid capability as far back as 2009 when it unveiled the Vision S500 Plug-In Hybrid concept. Here was a full-size luxury sedan capable of 0-60 mph runs in under 6.0 seconds and gas mileage of 70 mpg or better, but the best part was that it was destined for production.

Now we know when we will finally see the production Mercedes-Benz S Class plug-in hybrid: at September’s 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show.

The news was first reported by Car Sales, citing information revealed by Mercedes spokesman David McCarthy in Australia.


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