PHOTO CAPTION: Russia's first homegrown hybrid, the Yo-Mobile crossover on NAMI test track outside Moscow

Electric Cars Gain Toehold in Russia

Electric car rally in Moscow on July 14, 2013 drew EVs, including Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt, but like much of the rest of the world, they're a hard sell to Russians at current price levels.

Published: 24-Jul-2013

According to the newspaper Kommersant, on July 22 the Russian postal monopoly Pochta Rossii turned down a contract with the auto group Renault to rent 12 electric cars. This contract, worth 15.9 million rubles ($490,700) was agreed upon prior to a recent change of leadership in the company, and it was later reviewed.

Whereas, at first, Pochta Rossii wanted to purchase 100 electric cars immediately to serve the Sochi Olympics, it became clear after company assessments that the cars would never pay for themselves.

Nevertheless, eco-friendly cars are growing in popularity in Russia — albeit at a far from impressive rate. The first electric car rally took place in Moscow on July 14, and 20 electric cars took part.



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