PHOTO CAPTION: Cutaway view of Evans Electric In-Wheel EV motor.

Australia's Evans Electric Develops Direct-Drive In-Wheel Motor

Installed on a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, the four in-wheel electric motors develop some 800 hp at 925 foot-pounds of torque.

Published: 05-Aug-2013

The Australian company Evans Electric has developed an electric car that is literally direct drive. It is a 4-door sedan, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, that produces 800 HP/600 kW (peak) and 1,250 Newton-metres (925 foot-pounds) of torque.

“While the torque figure could at first glance appear fantastic, standard automotive industry practice only quotes torque at the flywheel not at the wheels,” Evans Electric notes. “As an example the Tesla Model S Performance has a quoted peak motor torque of 600 Nm. With a single speed reduction gear ratio of 9.73:1 that equates to a total of 5,838 Nm (minus gearing losses) at the wheels. The Evans Electric motors are direct drive, so the rotor turns at the same speed as the wheel. Instead of mechanical reduction gearing, they are electrically geared using an 8 pole stator winding configuration.”

To help you understand the significance of that: direct drive equipment has the benefit of mechanical simplicity, and sometimes efficiency, as the alternatives, which are gear-driven systems, waste energy.



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