PHOTO CAPTION: Lid off EP Tender reveals IC engine generator set.

French Start-Up Develops Mobile Range-Extender for Electric Cars

EP Tender's 35 kW mobile electric car range-extender would give many electric cars nearly 400 miles of additional driving range.

Published: 11-Aug-2013

Located in Poissy Cedex, France, EP Tender is yet another European start-up looking to help solve the range issues of today's electric cars by offering a towable solution: a small generator trailer that the company says can extend the range of some electric cars up to an additional 600 km (372 miles).

The idea is to rent the 200 kg, 35 kW generators to owners of what are considered Class A and Class B electric cars, such as the Renault ZOE, whose 'real-world' battery-only range is estimated at 100 km in winter and 150 km most of the rest of the year.

Renault Zoe electric car with attached EP Tender range-extender trailer


Ford Start Concept Car

Electric is still an acquired taste, like an expensive single-malt scotch. No one's been able to put it in a six-pack, quite yet.

Electric Ford Transit Connect being charged in UK.

Additionally, two-thirds of dealers believe customers in Britain are receptive to buying an EV.

Electric lorry involved in fatal accident is used to collect trash in pedestrian area of Copenhagen. Photo: Scanpix.

All of Copenhagen's electric service vehicles have been pulled off its streets until source of accident is identified.


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