PHOTO CAPTION: Mercedes B-Class fuel cell sedan

B-Class Fuel Cell Drivers Share Their Experiences

Four current F-Cell lessees talk about their experiences leasing hydrogen-fueled electric cars.

Published: 14-Aug-2013

We met in a Los Angeles gas station, directly under the landing lights of LAX's south runway, our conversation interrupted regularly by the Prattt & Whitney thrust of 757s and Super 80s. We could easily be the main characters in an espionage thriller, handing off secret documents at great personal risk.

But we're not. We're here because this is where you buy hydrogen and these guys want to talk about their hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

The meeting was arranged by Jin Takamura, a former auto industry analyst, PR guy and marketing executive and a reforming British car enthusiast (“I left the automotive business over 10 years ago so I can make more money and squander it on ridiculous English crap like an Escort Cosworth, Aston DB7 Vantage, Lotus Evora, original Range Rover and a Rover Sterling 827 SLi with 5-speed manual!!!” he said in an e-mail, the exclamation marks his.).


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter E-CELL delivery van

Electric Sprinter has estimated range of approximately 135 km (84 miles).

Ener-G-Force SUV concept will debut at 2012 LA Auto Show.

Power comes from a hydrogen fuel cell system that generates power from recycled water stored in rooftop tanks and sends power to the motors located in the wheel hubs.

Mercedes-Benz S-class plug-in hybrid (right front quarter view).

If it mirrors the performance of the original Vision S500 concept, the production model should have an EV driving mode range of up to 30 km (18.6 mi.).


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