PHOTO CAPTION: Urban Electric Power and ARPA-E using CUNY technology to develop zinc battery storage system.

ARPA-E Developing New Zinc-Based Grid Storage Battery in West Harlem, New York

Urban Electric Power's GreenCat zinc-based battery being tested in new ARPA-E facility in West Harlem district of New York City.

Published: 18-Aug-2013

Yes, you heard that right. ARPA-E, the Energy Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency, is behind a new low cost, high efficiency zinc battery that will be manufactured in West Harlem. While not exactly known as a hotbed of advanced battery manufacturing, West Harlem is home to a redevelopment initiative called the Manhattanville Factory District, and the technology is homegrown, too. The new battery was developed at the City University of New York (CUNY) Energy Institute, located just across the way.

The company Urban Electric Power is the private sector partner in this endeavor, and as the factory cranks out its GreenCat brand batteries it will also double as an R&D facility and testbed for new, more sustainable battery technology.

It Takes A Village To Raise An Advanced Battery
Hey, we built this! The new Urban Electric Power (UEP) facility is a public-private endeavor. The facility received more than $1.5 million in state economic development resources and another $500,000 in tax credits to be based on job creation.


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