PHOTO CAPTION: KLD People's Car concept.

KLD Offers Under-$10K OneDrive Electric Propulsion System

Speculation is that the $9,800 price system, which includes battery, controls, traction motor and charger could be used in People's Car concept.

Published: 25-Aug-2013

If you don't look too closely at the spec sheet (available here), it appears that KLD Energy is ready to release a small, highway speed EV for under $10,000. But then you notice that the $9,800 price is just for the "system," which here means the battery, motor, controller and charger. That's the cost to put the KLD powertrain into a small, four-wheel passenger vehicle, which no one has done yet but there are talks that may see that happen.

In San Francisco, CA last week, KLD announced that is has received official certification for its proprietary EV battery solution in the $9,800 OneDrive system. One potential OneDrive vehicle is the rendering of something called the KLD People's Car (pictured), which has a top speed of 80 miles an hour and would get 257 MPGe and has a 104 mile range from its 13.6-kWh battery (all fictional numbers, of course).

Christian Okonsky, KLD Energy's CEO, and Ray Caamano, CSO (chief science officer) spoke with AutoblogGreen and said that the OneDrive system is better for electric vehicles since the components are designed to work together. All the power management and torque management is electronic and, if the system were in a vehicle the size of the Fiat 500e, the efficiency would be over 250 MPGe. "Our system allows us to get efficiencies far beyond people who buy three pieces and put them together," Okonsky said. The trouble is, even cars as small as the 500e would still be too heavy for the OneDrive system. KLD is working on a OneDrive system with a heavier motor, and Caamano said the next-gen system would also double the speed.


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